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In a nutshell:

Grind aims to solve specific problems within all athletic communities by creating the most innovative and inspiring training machines. We believe athletes deserve simple & beautifully designed products from a company that represent and understands their problems best.


GRIND is creating a portable, more affordable basketball shooting machine that captures a player’s rebounds, passes the ball back (emulating a game-like pass), and allows players to shoot up to 1,200 shots per hour. Our Basketball shooting machine is designed to be affordable and portable. Built with a lightweight design that folds into the size of a large duffle bag maximizing the usability for athletes.


As an Electrical Engineer at GRIND, you will automate, iterate, and test our mechanical system and get hands-on experience building products that have a powerful and inspiring impact on athletes.


Relevant experience:

  • Preferred Senior or recent grad. (not mandatory)

  • Knowledge of all aspects of electrical design, including analog/digital circuit design, PLC/PCB , and hands-on circuit debugging.

  • Ability to interact with other engineering disciplines – primarily mechanical and firmware.

  • Solid prototyping experience creating automated devices.

  • Ability to generate ideas quickly without a lot of background information or parameters.

  • Experience working with various electrical components i.e. (batteries, sensors, control boards, timers, switches)


Your Tasks:

  • Automate and program GRIND’s functional prototype.

  • Test and iterate on electrical components.

  • Simple programing tasks (input/output sequences)

  • Circuit board design prototyping with PLC, PCB, Arduino ect..

  • Build and test functional prototypes by following a user-testing process.

  • Iterate and guide products through manufacturing stages. (optimizing designs for cost and efficiency).

  • Determine voltage needed to power our system to get the ball to 25 feet.

  • Build electronic system using Arduino.

  • Develop timed automation with manual adjusted nob.

  • Record Data.

  • Research and optimize battery.



  • Strong projects/products with interesting challenges and clear solutions.

  • Projects that show your skills, concept generation, iterations, prototypes, ect.