Core Team Member


In a nutshell:

GRIND aims to solve specific problems within all athletic communities by creating the most innovative and inspiring training machines. We believe athletes deserve simple & beautifully designed products from a company that represent and understands their problems best.


GRIND is creating a portable, more affordable basketball shooting machine that captures a player’s rebounds, passes the ball back (emulating a game-like pass), and allows players to shoot up to 1,200 shots per hour. Built with a lightweight design that folds into the size of a large duffle bag maximizing the usability for athletes.


As a Mobile App Developer at GRIND, you will be responsible for creating the front end development for an IOS application. You will take full responsibility of creating wire-frames and structuring your feedback loop with customers. Developing a proof-of-concept for a mobile application will be the final outcome.  


Relevant experience:

  • A BS in Computer Science or Engineering or equivalent years of work experience (not mandatory)

  • Strong appreciation for Smart UI’s and design

  • A passion for the ever-changing technology that happens on the Web

  • Can properly write unit testing for your code

  • Have experience building component based UI's

  • Used reactive frameworks in the past



  • Strong projects/products with interesting challenges and clear solutions.

  • Projects that show your skills, concept generation, iterations, prototypes, ect.