When was the Basketball Gun Invented?

When was the basketball gun invented?

The basketball gun, also known as a basketball shooting machine, is a device that is designed to automatically pass a basketball to a player, allowing them to practice their shooting skills without the need for a partner. Players get more shots and improved shooting skills by putting up jumpers at a previously set speed on the gun, then moving to their next spot after pressing the time delay button on its touch pad. The invention of the basketball gun has revolutionized the way players train and has made it possible for them to practice their jumpshot skills and save time chasing rebounds.

Every Coaches Dream

The first shooting machine was invented in the early 2000s by a company called Shoot-A-Way and its founder, John Joseph. The original shoot a way model, known as the Gun, is a large, stationary machine that is primarily used in gyms and training centers. Simply place the machine under the basket, and the shooter can get a set number of shots per spot.

Shoot-A-Way got started selling to Ohio high school teams. However, as technology advanced and players' needs evolved, they expanded to selling to coaches nationwide. Soon, high schools across the country and almost every university team had the Shoot A Way Gun basketball shooting machine in their gym.

It was a no brainer for any coach, at colleges and schools everywhere. The shooter catches the ball, puts up 3x as many shots per hour as they could on their own, and focuses on the rest of their game after. It's the efficiency of being a Kentucky player having a coach rebound for you, without needing to play in college.

A new era of shooting machines

For almost 20 years Shoot a Way and John Joseph were the most innovative basketball product on the market. Then, GRIND re designed the shooting machine. Now players and coaches can get up more shots at school, college OR in their driveway. By engineering the product for portability, The GRIND Machine can be easily transported and set up in any location. It is 110 lbs and folds into the size of a large duffel bag. This allows players to take the machine with them on the road for tournaments, or even to their own driveway for practice. This level of convenience and flexibility is something that was not possible with the earlier, larger and stationary models of the basketball gun.

Despite these limitations, the original shoot a way is still an incredibly useful tool for players of all skill levels. The portability of the GRIND Basketball Shooting Machine unlocks an entirely new level of convenience and training efficiency for players by letting them take it from gym to gym, to their driveway, on the road for tournaments, and everywhere in between. This makes it an amazing tool for any player looking to improve their shooting skills and take their game to the next level.

Looking forward

In conclusion, John Joseph is a pioneer for the game of basketball. His invention has revolutionized the way players train and has made it possible for them to work on their shooting skills more efficiently than ever before. The portable GRIND Basketball Shooting Machine is an example of the latest advancements in training technology that offers players more convenience and flexibility to take it with them wherever they go, a major advantage for players who want to improve their skills. This machine is ideal for players of all skill levels and provides a controlled environment for them to practice their shots and not have to chase rebounds for their ball.

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