In a nutshell:

GRIND is solving specific problems within all athletic community by creating the most innovative and inspiring training machines known to athletes. We believe players of all sports deserve simple & beautifully designed products from a company that represents and understands their problems best.



Our first product streamlines professional basketball training, putting elite work into the hands of every aspiring athlete. By creating the first portable basketball training machine, GRIND capture a player’s rebounds, passes the ball back (emulating a game-like pass), and allows players to shoot up to 1,200 shots per hour. 


As an Electrical Engineer at GRIND, you will be designing, building and scaling interactive sports products that change athletes lives! We are looking for a hands-ons engineer to own the end to end process of designing and scaling electrical systems within sports products.


Relevant experience:

  • At least 2+ years experience

  • Knowledge of all aspects of electrical design, including analog/digital circuit design, PLC/PCB , and hands-on circuit debugging.

  • Ability to interact with other engineering disciplines – primarily mechanical and firmware.

  • Solid prototyping experience creating automated devices.

  • Ability to generate ideas quickly without a lot of background information or parameters.

  • Experience working with various electrical components i.e. (batteries, sensors, control boards, timers, switches)


Your Tasks:

  • Design and create a scalable circuit board for mass production (DFM)

  • Software development for seamless integration with a mobile device

  • Own the end-to-end manufacturing and assembly process for electronics and pneumatics (experience with pneumatics is helpful but not mandatory)

  • Ensure the electronics and pneumatics are seamlessly integrated with each other and optimized to maximum efficiency.

  • Optimizing designs for cost and efficiency

  • Develop features with the portable shooting machine required for future versions

  • Battery and system optimization


  • Strong projects/products with interesting challenges and clear solutions.

  • Projects that show your skills, concept generation, iterations, prototypes, ect.