In a nutshell:

GRIND is solving specific problems within all athletic community by creating the most innovative and inspiring training machines known to athletes. We believe players of all sports deserve simple & beautifully designed products from a company that represents and understands their problems best.


Our first product streamlines professional basketball training, putting elite work into the hands of every aspiring athlete. By creating the first portable basketball training machine, GRIND capture a player’s rebounds, passes the ball back (emulating a game-like pass), and allows players to shoot up to 1,200 shots per hour. 


As a Sports Marketing Ambassador at GRIND, you will be responsible for forming strategic relationships within the athletic community, establishing partnerships, while managing and organizing those relationships over their life span.  

(AAU Basketball).


Relevant experience:

  • Unparalleled understanding of the basketball AAU community  

  • Specific insight and knowledge into the latest trends in the basketball scene.

  • Strong organizational skills

  • Experience in event planning.

  • Ability to gather research and data that translates into an actionable strategy

  • Experience collaborating with a multitude of team members to accomplish a task.

Your Tasks:

  • Build an authentic word-of-mouth marketing campaign around our product.

  • Schedule, attend and organize basketball tournaments for our grassroots marketing campaigns. 

  • Identify advertising opportunities that connect our brand to athletes very closely.

  • Have a phenomenal understanding of the High School and AAU basketball scene.

  • Media & press connector.

  • Develop strong relationships with users, partners and influencers to gain as much traction possible.

  • Generate at least 5 partnerships that will accelerate the companies growth.

  • Work closely with Creative Director/CEO to curate specific content that differentiates our brand and alines with our mission, values, and goals.

  • Establish strategic partnerships that will immerse GRIND deep into the High School and AAU culture.

  • Conduct and lead product test with users.



  • Great communication and organization skills

  • Opportunity driven

  • Creative problem solving skills, solving interesting challenges with unique solutions.