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Regular price$1,995.00

Get up 3X more shots than on your own.
Portable, lightweight and easy to use.
Setup, hoop, and store anywhere.
No subscription required.
Orders today shipping Fall 2022
Your GRIND Machine will arrive in 2 suitcase-sized boxes ready for assembly.

"The grind machine is amazing for the price and is surprisingly portable. It performs much more similarly to other machines like the Dr dish home than you may think, while costing considerably less."

- Matthew S

"The Grind shooting machine is TRUELY portable and easy to setup and take down. I love how I can set it up in less than 15 min as well as taking it down quickly also. This is the only shooting machine that I actually have room to store and along with being at a much more affordable price point"

- Austin L

"Very easy setup.
My son is enjoying it,allows you to get a ton of shots up in a shorter period of time.
I am happy we made the investment!"

- Kevin G

"Rebounding Bully! It rebounds for my kids so that My husband and I can actually watch and correct their shots and forms. The mobility of the machine is a Game Changer."

- Armakia R

"My daughter loves it. She plays AAU and HS varsity as a freshman and the GRIND was one of the tools she used to be named league rookie of the year. Works better than we expected. It was worth the wait."

- George V

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the portable shooting machine that folds into a duffel bag.

get up 500 shots per hour.

stop chasing rebounds and start getting better.

the next generation of basketball.

the basketball shooting machine for every lifestyle

Watch video
  • 1. Remove from duffel

  • 2. setup in 90 seconds

  • 3. get your reps in

  • 4. fold down in 90 seconds

  • 5. store anywhere








110 lbs

Expands to

12'6" Tall

Passing range

25 feet, use up to 2 balls

powered by

standard outlet

Shipping Options

30 day risk free

built in warranty

got questions? shoot us an email or use the chat feature on site.

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